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2013 International Pole Championship Finalists

International Pole Championship - 2013

The 2013 International Pole Championship (IPC) finalists have been announced!

IPC brings Woman’s, Men’s, Doubles, Disabled and Master’s division(s) to this years pole dancing competition.

International Pole Championship will be awarding 3 major awards depending on the division.

Women’s, Men’s and Doubles will have three awards handed out including: Ultimate, Pole Fit and Pole Art.

Disabled and Master’s divisions will be awarded the “Ultimate” title only.

“Ultimate” Title

The Ultimate title is an “IPC winning title and is awarded to the competitor who demonstrates the highest level of technical skill, strength, flexibility and dynamic movement, along with the highest level of performance, fluidity and showmanship.”

“Pole Fit” Title

The Pole Fit title will be “awarded to the competitor who displays the most strength, flexibility, dynamic movement and aerobic endurance through well executed pole dance movements. Judges will be looking for pole tricks and combinations, which display a high degree of difficulty executed with flawless technique, and smooth transitions combined with dance/movement in an entertaining routine.”

“Pole Art” Title

This title is geared toward the creative side of pole dancing. The title will be given to the dancer who “performs a routine that displays great artistic expression, through their movement to music, musicality, showmanship, interpretation of their song and creative choreography. This competitor is still expected to show a high level of skill and technique on the pole but the scoring will be weighted towards the performance side of their routine.”

The final title given is the Pole Idol award. Pole Idol is open for public voting and the competitor who generates the highest number of online votes across all divisions.

Get ready to vote because the top 3 Pole Idols will each be given a granted entry to the grand finals, with the 1st place winner also having their flights to the competition paid for.

The finalists of this years competitions are as follows:

    Women Finalists

  • Alisa Pleskova – ISRAEL (back to top)

    AlisaBio: Prior to starting Pole Dance in 2006, Alisa trained extensively and gained experience in various sports and dance forms, including gymnastics, aerobics, fitness training, classic and modern ballet, ballroom dancing, jazz and hip hop.

    In 2007 Alisa became a freelance solo artist, instructor and choreographer and over the years has gained significant experience and solid reputation in the field. Alisa has performed as a guest artist at numerous events, including among others NABBA (Israel) championship, Ukrainian national PoleDance championship, London fashion show, opening shows at the Israeli leading sport centers and famous Tel Aviv clubs. Alisa delivers workshops and master classes in Pole Dance in Israel and abroad.

    In 2009 Alisa established the Israeli Pole Dance and Fitness Academy – the leading school for PoleDance in Israel and is currently the Director and the Principal Instructor at the Academy. In addition to Pole Dance, Alisa continues to teach at the Academy in various dance forms and pole related sports,including Core Conditioning, Fitball, Stretching and Strip dance. Alisa is a certified instructor in Aerobics, Fitball, Core Conditioning, Shaping, Functional Training, Stretching and Polebatics.

    In addition to being a successful teacher and artist, Alisa has developed her sports career as a professional Pole Dance competitor. In 2010 Alisa became a semi-finalist at the World Pole Dance Championship (Zurich, Switzerland) and in 2011 ,took the 1st place in the Pole Sport International Championship (May 2011, Saint Petersburg, Russia).

    Later in 2011 Alisa was nominated the 1st place and became Miss Pole Dance at the European Pole Dance Championship (Moscow, Russia), to be the 1st European champion from Israel. In 2011 Alisa was invited to join the jury at Miss Pole Dance Ukraine Championship. Then in July 2012 Alisa was nominated 7th place on World Pole Sport Championship held in London and took the first place in The Art of Pole Dance Competition held in Ljubljana in 2012.

    As a devoted Pole Dance advocate Alisa is working intensively to promote Pole Dance as a form of fitness and sport in Israel and abroad.

    Alisa holds BA in International Relationships from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

  • Carlie Hunter – AUSTRALIA (back to top)

    Bio: Carlie has been pole dancing for seven years and is the proud owner of Adelaide based pole studio The Pole Boutique.

    Carlie began pole dancing as an instructor and spent years dedicating herself to the teachings of her students. In 2007 she entered her first competition winning the Miss Pole Dance SA title and competing at Miss Pole Dance Australia. After having a large break from pole dance performance and competition, Carlie rejoined the pole world in 2010 with more drive and passion than ever before, making the decision to make pole dance the prime focus in her life. She is now a proud ambassador for both X-POLE Australia and Dry Hands and wishes to use these roles to help educate people of the wonderful benefits that pole dance can bring.

    Carlie loves to create fun and innovative pole shows. Her love for performance helped her to create the “Granny” routine for which she received the 2012 IPDFA “Choreographer of The Year Award”. She has since gone on to win several other titles including consecutive wins in the Australian Pole Championships and the 2012 IPC Ultimate Doubles Champion title.

    She loves and respects all styles of pole dance and believes individuality must be celebrated within the sport/art.

  • Laura Martin – USA (back to top)

    Bio: Flying Laura began pole dance 12 years ago, and has been teaching and performing professionally since 2008.

    Among numerous titles, her most prestigious include 2011 American Pole Fitness Champion, in 2009 she was awarded 2nd place and “most flexible” in the California Pole Dance Championship, and in 2010’s CPDC was award 3rd place and Most Artistic.

    Flying Laura was given her name from her quick style and original no handed pole movement. Since winning her national title, she performed a mainland China performance tour in early 2012, as one of the first pole dancers throughout China, and now travels across the continents teaching workshops, and performing.

  • Marina Bogomolova – RUSSIA (back to top)

    Bio: I’ve been doing pole dance for 4 years, and this is the best years of my life! Thanks to the pole, I found my friends and my family in the face of the show-studio and the pole dance theater of Julia Irinina”Trash”.

    I was a student and now a teacher at the studio and artist in theater Trash. We make aerial show on pole, silks, hoop, loops and Chinese pole. Now show, training, art, students is my whole life and I love it!

  • Polina Volchek – RUSSIA/USA (back to top)

    Bio: Pink Puma inhabits in a brutal environment of the sport and show business industry , and has done so for more than 18 years. Since she was a child her qualities like hard work, patience and stamina helped her move forward and succeed.

    At the age of 17, Pink Puma gained a title of Master of Sports at an International Level. By this time her work experience included many well-known entertainment corporations and sport organizations. Her performance background consists of enormous quantity of sport, dance, martial art and circus disciplines.

    In August 2011 this young artist decided to integrate her performance and competitive skills, dedicating her craft to Pole Dance and pursues new heights under the name of Pink Puma. Her main goal is to bring into Pole Dance even more artistry, athleticism, grace and to promote it as an Olympic Sport.

  • Natalia Tatarintseva – UKRAINE (back to top)

    NataliaBio: Natalia Tatarintseva, born 15 August 1990 in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.

    Start to do gymnastic at sport school at 4 years old. At 1997 start studying at Techno-Economic Lyceum, where she was studying till 13 years old. And during all this time she was always doing gymnastic also at this time she get champion of the city and regional champion in Rhythmic Gymnastic.

    From 2003 till 2006 she moved to Kiev for study at sports boarding school, where she did most accent for sport. In this time she gets a master of sports of Ukraine Rhythmic Gymnastic, was 7 times champion of Ukraine, winner of European Championship and World. At 2006 she had serious injury and must go back home to Dnepropetrovsk, where she is finished high school and start study at University.

    At 2007 she start to learn different kinds of dances and just for fun was dancing in some small show groups. At 2010 she started to teach flexibility at one Dance school, where she is for first time saw Pole Sport and for first time try it, but really hard train she start at 2011 and during this time she was competing on some Competitions in Ukraine of one of them she get People`s Choice Award. Than in September 2011 she come to compete at Miss Pole Dance Ukraine 2011 and win a First Place. After that in October she was a semifinalist at World Pole Dance and Fitness in Budapest, Winner at Miss Pole Sport Ukraine 2012 in Kiev, Winner of Arial Pole International 2012 in Bern, Best Music Choice at Aerial Pole International in Bern 2012, People Choice at Aerial Pole International in Bern 2012, Winner at World Pole Sport Championship in London 2012,

    Now she is the instructor of Pole Sport and founder of Tatarintseva Dance Studio.

    She gives a lot of time for this sport, training hard and goes to her goals.

  • Oona Kivela – FINLAND (back to top)

    OonaBio: OonaK (Oona Kivelä) is a former gymnast who found pole 3.5 years ago in New York City. It was love at the first spin. Self-taught, OonaK wants to create and explore pole dancing as a form of art. “I am a dreamer and I always want to bring something new and experimental on stage”.

    OonaK is a co-owner of a new Gymi Fitness Club for Kids and Youngsters. She has designed PowerPole – classes for Gymi, which is the ultimate side training for pole. She has also launched a new “Pole by OonaK” licensed program. OonaK’s training programs consist of gymnastics, break dance, parkour and pole training.

    OonaK is the current World Cup and Pole Art 2011 champion. She loves to compete and perform in front of an audience. Competition-wise the shiniest gold medal is a flow feeling that rarely happens to an artist. This goal makes her train and dream harder.

  • Natasha Wang – USA (back to top)

    Bio: Natasha Wang is a pole performer and instructor who holds the titles of US Pole Dance Champion 2011, 2nd Place Winner of Pole Art 2012, USPDF West Coast Champion 2010, California Pole Dance Champion 2010, and East Meets West Miss Pole-AM 2010.

    She has been a guest performer on The View on ABC and Good Day L.A. on FOX, and has performed with the Doug Aitken art-theater project “Black Mirror” starring actress Chloe Sevigny. Natasha currently instructs and trains at The Choreography House and OC Pole Fitness, and is a principal dancer with Kelly Yvonne’s Girl Next Door show. She is sponsored by X-Pole, Kelly Maglia Couture and The Choreography House. See more on her website.

  • Alessandra Marchetti – ITALY (back to top)

    Alessandra MarchettiBio: Alessandra Marchetti’s gymnastics career started in artistic gymnastics at five years old, but at ten years old she fell in love with classic dance. She began her study at “Balletto di Roma”, one of the most important and prestigious classical dance schools.

    At 25 years old, after some participation in television programs, Alessandra started to compete in aerobic gymnastics. She did mixed pairs with her husband, and the duo became runner up (2007-2008) in Italy, and in 2009 were in 7th position on the Suzuki World cup in Tokyo (Japan). In September 2010, at 35 years old, Alessandra started learning Pole dance with Orietta Tamantini at the Polexgym studio.

    In March 2011, I competed in her first competition in Bern and in September, became Italian Pole Champion!

    In September 2011, Alessandra participated in Moscow at the European Pole Dance Championship and won the bronze medal (3rd place) and the special prize for the best acrobatic routine! In October of the same year, Alessandra did a preliminary competition in the World Pole Dance Championship in Budapest and was accepted in the finals where she placed fifth.

    In March 2012 Alessandra was a finalist in the International Pole Championship in Hong Kong, and in July won the silver medal at Pole Sport Championship in London. Alessandra was the Italian Pole Championship in 2011 and 2012. In every one of her performances, she tries to tell some little parts of the history of her life.

  • Rafaela Montanaro – BRAZIL (back to top)

    RafaelaBio: Started in gymnastics at the age of 3, and quit at 12. Then took dance more seriously studying classical ballet, jazz and modern dance. At the age of 16, I joined the circus where I trained mostly in hand balancing. When I was 17, I started training in kung-fu, and made the national team in 2006.

    In 2008 I graduated from college with a Physical Education masters degree.

    I started poling at the beginning of 2009, and since then received many titles.

  • Marion Crampe – FRANCE (back to top)

    MarionBio: Born in 1983 in Lourdes, France, Marion Crampe started her career at a young age with classic ballet and ballet jazz. Later she discovered street jazz and hip hop. The year 2006 was a revelation for her since she took her first pole dance class. She felt in love instantly with this art.

    In 2009, Marion entered the first French Pole Dance Competition where she won third place and Sponsor’s Choice. In the 2010 French Pole Championship, she won the first runner-up place. In September 2010, Marion was selected to perform in the showcase category of POLE ART in Stockholm. Since October 2010, Marion is the leading teacher at Milan Pole Dance Studio contributing to pole dance expansion in Italy and the World.

    Marion is now working on her acrobatic skills with hoop. Her pole style is a mix of dance, contortion and emotion. She is an active member of the French Pole Dance Team, a group of the best French pole dancers.

    Marion was the French national champion 2012. She represents her country around the world to share her passion and her knowledge.

    Latest achievements: – 2nd runner up at II Pole World Cup – French National Champion 2012 – Best Show Award at Aerial International Competition 2011 in Bern – First runner up at French Pole Championship 2010

    Men Finalists

  • Evgeny Greshilov: RUSSIA (back to top)

    EvgenyBio: Evgeny Alekseevich Greshilov (born January 11, 1981) is a Russian pole dance artist and athlete, was born in a small town in Siberia. And started his artist career in drama studio when was a boy.

    Evgeny now lives in Moscow, Russia.

    Resume incudes:

    • 1998-2002 – Studied at the Moscow State College of Circus and Variety Arts, and graduated with diploma.
    • 2002-2008 – Studied at the Moscow State University of Culture and Arts, and graduated with diploma.
    • 2006-2008 – Worked in Great Moscow Circus, as dancer and aerial gymnast.
    • 2007 – Performed in Yuming Spectacle SHANGRILA III: A Dream of a Dolphin, Japan.

    In this moment he is working as an instructor in a Pole Dance studio”Elena Marso”. Also as an instructor of dance styles, such as: Hip-hop, House, Contemporary and Pole Dance in a “Dance Studio by World Class”.

  • Carlos Franca: BRAZIL (back to top)

    CarlosBio: Carlos França first became interested in acrobatics and sports when he began to practice Tai Chi Chuan and Karate; he also took Ballet and when he was fifteen started Capoeira.

    He joined the ‘crew’ (break dance groups) over eight years. When he was 23, he joined the circus and learned Trampoline, Aerial Cradle and also specialised in
    Aerial Straps and Chinese Pole.

    Carlos’ story with Pole Dance started in 2011 when he lived in Germany and became Male Champion of Miss and Mister Pole Dance Germany Competition. He discovered his style in pole dance after six months of training in Brazil (2012), where he uses strength to make movements of extreme difficulty look light and graceful.

  • Saulo Sarmiento: FRANCE (back to top)

    SauloBio: Saulo Sarmiento is a 24-year-old acrobat, dancer and generally speaking multi-discipline artist from the Canary Islands (Spain).

    His artistic life began with rigorous training as a gymnast at the age of 13 with his first coach Jose Luis Sanz. As part of the Canary Islands gymnastic team, he was lucky enough to participate in many international festivals and championships. This is where he took his first steps in dance too. In order to pursue his artistic training and growth, Saulo moved to Madrid at the age of 18, where he got to work in Grease and Cats street musicals, as well as to tour as a dancer with several singers and bands (like Banghra).

    But Saulo feels his true professional life didn’t really start until he met Luka Yexi (lukayexi.com) and his company (KALEIDO). He passed auditions to train and work with this company and here he experienced what he considers his intensive training in all dancing styles, but especially in all aerial acrobatic performances (silk, hoop, rope, trapeze, bungy…).

    After four years of training and working for Kaleido, he ended up moving to Paris to work with FARFADAIS (farfadais.com). This is where, thanks to Stéphane and Alexandre Haffner, the company’s creators, he had an opportunity to work and travel all around the world, to work on TV shows and events with well known choreographers
    and further my acrobatic training with Chinese Pole, Straps, Pole Dance, Aerial Fights, Hand to Hand and other group acts.

    Today Saulo works as a freelance acrobat and dancer with a lot of different companies (including his beloved Kaleido and Farfadais) and other choreographers. In 2011 he became the Champion of Pole Dance France (poledancecompetition.fr) and the 2012 Pole Art Winner.

  • Steven Retchless: USA (back to top)

    StevenBio: A classically trained dancer with an urban flare, Steven is the complete package when it comes to being a performer.

    Steven broke into the aerial art scene in 2010 when he won the title as the first ever American Pole Fitness Champion, but his background and achievements reach far beyond the aerial arts.

    Steven was appropriately born in Las Vegas but was quickly transplanted to exotic Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where he spent most of his childhood. He credits his artistry and sensual undertones to his early exposure to the arts and folklore.

    At an early age he studied dance through local Las Vegas studios, dance companies, prestigious schools, the Las Vegas Academy of Performing Arts and California Institute of the Arts. His education only fuelled his desire to find a yet more unique kind of expression, that encompassed all aspects of his extensive dance training.

    Steven’s accomplishments in the art of Pole have amazed main stream television viewers when he became a semi-finalist on Americas Got Talent. He Reached an even more commercial demographic as his online performances have been featured on websites and celebrity blogs such as PerezHilton.com, People.com, Yahoo news with viral view counts from all over the world. Aside from touring, Steven is currently one of the top instructors at the highly respected studio, Body and Pole in New York City, which currently houses arguably the best aerial art instructors on he planet.

    As a talented performer Steven has a gift for owning the stage and projecting unforgettable expression, making him a distinct figure in the Pole Community.

  • Chris Measday: AUSTRALIA (back to top)

    Chris MeasdayBio: I started pole dancing 8 years ago as a way to get back into shape from a bad Gymnastics injury. I started full time dancing while living in Shanghai, China, working for 2 studios there and performing weekly all over the country. After returning to Australia I have had the opportunity to travel all over Australasia and perform and teach both men and women.

    I have represented Australia in the last 3 IPC’s and have been honoured to take the stage with so many amazing and talented male performers. Every year it improves, and I look forward to the day when the male category is as hotly contested as the women.

    Resume includes:

    • 2006 – 2008: PoleInk Founder and Dance Master, Shanghai China
    • 2006 – 2008: Souldancing Shanghai, Pole Dance Teacher, Perfomer
    • 2006 – 2008: iDance Shanghai, Pole Dance Teacher, Performer
    • 2007: Shanghai’s Most entertaining Bachealor (giddy up)
    • 2010 – Present: Pole Matrix Australia – Dance Master
    • 2010 – Present: Pure Pole Elements member
    • 2010: Miss Pole Dance, Guest Performer
    • 2011: Pol-Arise Adelaide – Director
    • 2012: Gravity First 3rd Edition – Guest performer
  • Oleksandr Shchukin: UKRAINE (back to top)

    OleksandrBio: Oleksandr Shchukin was born and raised in the Eastern part of Ukraine, in Dnipropetrovsk. His father is a multi-champion of the Soviet Union in swimming, so he was in love with sports from an early childhood. When Oleksandr was nine, he was selected to join a special sport gymnastics camp for children. He participated in various junior competitions, earning his first titles and dreaming about the Olympics.

    But there was a huge financial crisis in Ukraine, people lost their money and the government refused to support junior sports. Oleksandr’s family couldn`t pay for the training and he had to drop out. But he didn`t lost his dreams and found the only sport that was not just absolutely free, but let him earn his first earnings – street dancing.

    Oleksandr tried to add new tricks and choreography to his gymnastics background and create something new and special. After dancing in the street, Oleksandr started to receive invitations to perform at parties and concerts, and that motivated him to organize his own dance group. In 2009, Oleksandr went to the casting of the show “So You Think You Can Dance” in Ukraine.

    Not only did he get into the finals, but he also met his future wife. Thanks to the show, Oleksandr got the job as the principal choreographer for such big TV-hits as “Star`s Academy” and “Ukraine doesn`t Believe in Tears”. Due to his wife, Oleksandr became interested in pole dancing, which was quite a controversial sport back then in Ukraine, and still somewhat is.

    In 2010 Oleksandr opened his own dance school. Today the studio is the only school in Ukraine that teaches not only various dance styles and pole-dance, but has aerial arts courses for children and adults in the hoops and silks. Oleksandr is often asked to do workshops, guest performances in poledance competitions or school presentations, and also to judge national competitions.

    In 2012 Oleksandr participated in his first pole-dance competition – World Pole Dance in Zurich, and received the bronze medal. Oleksandr believes he is living proof that if you have a real sincere dream, there is nothing in the world that can keep you from making it come true.

  • Daniel Kok: SINGAPORE (back to top)

    DanielBio: Daniel Kok read BA (Honours) Fine Art & Critical Theory at Goldsmiths College (London) and has a Certificate in Choreography from the Laban Centre.

    In 2008, he was the laureate of the Young Artist Award from National Arts Council (Singapore). His creation “Q & A” commissioned by Singapore Arts Festival in 2009, has performed in Edinburgh, Lisbon, Hong Kong, Berlin and Vienna. “The Gay Romeo” performed at Festival/Tokyo 2012 and was awarded top 3 shows by jury nomination at the Emerging Artist platform. His productions “Hokkaido”, (2010) and “The Cheerleader” (2012) were commissioned by the Esplanade in Singapore.

    As an avid pole dancer, he won the SG Pole Challenge 2012 organised by Acro Polates and was awarded granted entry to the International Pole Championships 2013 as a Singapore representative.

    His contemporary pole dance creation was presented in the framework of “X-Choreografen” (2012) in the Tanz Im August/TanzNacht festivals in Berlin. Daniel recently received an MA (Distinction) in Solo/Dance/Authorship (SODA) at the Inter-University Centre for Dance (HZT, Berlin) in 2012, and will join the Advanced Performing Arts and Scenographic Studies program in Berlin in 2013.

    Doubles Finalists

  • Yva & Irene: SINGAPORE (back to top)

    Yva & IreneBio: Irene started pole dancing in 2009, and has been an active pole dancer since.

    Despite being a full time student, she finds time to pursue her passion in dance. Her experience includes gymnastics, Chinese dance, modern dance, jazz and
    contemporary dance. She had also performed in the Asia-Pacific Pole Dance Championship 2010 and 2011 as a guest performer.

    Having attended her first pole dancing class three years ago, Yva had since gone through the IPC instructor training course and is now a certified pole dance instructor in Singapore. She performed in the Asia-Pacific Pole Dance Championship as a guest performer in 2011. Though born in Hong Kong, this ex-cheerleader spent most
    of her early years in Singapore, where she explores her new found passion for dance.

    Having been an active athlete, she loves challenging pole moves that display strength and lines.

    Yva and Irene have been dancing together for almost two years now, and have participated in numerous pole dance performances, including the Asia-Pacific Pole
    Dance Championship in Australia. They found that one’s strength complements theother’s flexibility.

  • Sergia & Jennifer: USA (back to top)

    Sergia & JenniferBio:Jennifer Kim and Sergia Louise Anderson started working as a doubles team after pole-ing along side each other at BeSpun, The Choreography House, and The
    Vertitude. Jennifer first fell in love with pole three years ago and is now an X-pole sponsored athlete, a pole instructor for several of the leading Los Angeles pole studios, and has competed in both USPDF and the California Pole Dance Championships.

    Jen holds her USPDF Pro-Status, and can be seen as a principal dancer in Enrique Iglesia’s “Dirty Dancer” Video.

    Sergia comes from a background in contemporary and Latin dance and last competed as a salsa dancer in the ESPN World Salsa Championships.

    Pole became Sergia’s passion very quickly, and she opened her dance studio, The Vertitude, in 2011. She began her competitive pole dance career in 2012 by becoming the USPDF Amateur Champion as well as the 2012 Pacific Pole Champion.

    Other 2012 Titles include:

    • Most Flexible/3rd Place at the 2012 California Pole Dance Championship
    • Jennifer and Sergia started their competitive Pole Doubles career by placing 2nd at the 2012 International Pole Masters Cup, Pole Doubles Division.

    Jen is known for her grace and strength, and Sergia is known for her artistry and choreography. Together Jen and Sergia make a dynamic duo!

  • Yva & Irene: SINGAPORE (back to top)

    Yva & IreneBio: Irene started pole dancing in 2009, and has been an active pole dancer since.

    Despite being a full time student, she finds time to pursue her passion in dance. Her experience includes gymnastics, Chinese dance, modern dance, jazz and
    contemporary dance. She had also performed in the Asia-Pacific Pole Dance Championship 2010 and 2011 as a guest performer.

    Having attended her first pole dancing class three years ago, Yva had since gone through the IPC instructor training course and is now a certified pole dance instructor in Singapore. She performed in the Asia-Pacific Pole Dance Championship as a guest performer in 2011. Though born in Hong Kong, this ex-cheerleader spent most
    of her early years in Singapore, where she explores her new found passion for dance.

    Having been an active athlete, she loves challenging pole moves that display strength and lines.

    Yva and Irene have been dancing together for almost two years now, and have participated in numerous pole dance performances, including the Asia-Pacific Pole
    Dance Championship in Australia. They found that one’s strength complements theother’s flexibility.

  • Enchanted: AUSTRALIA (back to top)

    EnchantedBio: In 2010, Brisbane based pole fitness instructors Tiffany and Ruth combined their creative talents to form the pole-performing duo known as ‘Enchanted’. From their very first performance the dynamic duo have been well received by their audiences.

    Enchanted have become known for their creative and innovative doubles performances which incorporate a dynamic combination of story-telling, theatre and dance on the pole.

    With a genuine love for pole, the girls have competed in numerous pole competitions, both nationally and internationally, and their titles include:

    • 2012 World Pole Sports Doubles Champions
    • 2012 International Pole Championship Doubles Pole Fit Champions
    • 2012 1st runners up – Australian Pole Fitness Championship Open Mixed Pairs
    • 2012 Miss Pole Dance Queensland Doubles Champions
    • 2011 Asia Pacific Pole Dance Open Pairs Champions
    • 2011 PoleCandy Semi-Pro Doubles Champions
  • Mina & Nadia: USA (back to top)

    Mina & NadiaBio: Mina and Nadia met as competitors against one another in 2009.

    They immediately became friends and soon after were working as a doubles pair. They first competed as a pair in East meets West Bi-Poler Championships in 2010 and won 1st place becoming National Doubles Champions in the US.

    They continued to preform together at places such as The Playboy Mansion, The Naughty Comedy Show and Girl Next Door – Hollywood.

    They then went on to compete at The International Pole Masters Cup 2012 and took 1st place. Mina and Nadia are excited for the chance to compete again
    in the International Pole Championship.

  • Masayo & Kazuya: JAPAN (back to top)

    Masayo & KazuyaBio: Interested in dance since an early age, Masayo Okamoto has tried many forms of dance, including synchronized swimming for which she was drawn to the complexity of the way of expressing emotion, different from that of floor dance.

    In the year 2006, Masayo discovered pole dance, another form of dance that is not like floor dance. But this time, dance is performed not in the water but in the air.
    In December 2006 Masayo started performing at many dance clubs and gained recognition as one of the pioneer dancers in Kansai. In May 2007, Masayo established a pole dance team called PLD and began dancing professionally in Japan in many different genres of music.

    Not just sexual appeal nor just a pole dance, she decided her own style to be more of an art form and acrobatic entertainment. In July 2010, Masaya established her pole dance studio Sweetpi-A.

    Strengthened by Shoirinji martial arts since childhood, Kazuya demonstrates the joy of pole dancing through a variety of styles from those of the dark world through to pop – always unique. In 2009, he studied under pole dancer Masayo, soon showing exceptional talent.

    He debuted with the pole dance team P.L.D. after only three months and subsequentlyformed a pole dance mixed pair with Masayo. From July 2010, Kazuya has been instructing in pole dancing at Masayoʼs Sweetpi-A Pole Dance studio, and is currently the top male pole dancer in Japan.

    He is also the Champion of the Men’s Division Far-eastern Pole Dance and Acrobatic Championship, Vladivostok

  • Michelle & Matthew: AUSTRALIA (back to top)

    Shimmy & MattyBio: Matthew Shields and Michelle Shimmy debuted their pole partnership at the 2011 Asia Pacific Pole Dance Championships, where they came 3rd.

    Later that year they competed in Budapest at the World Championships, and placed 3rd again.

    In March 2012, they placed runners up in Pole Fit at theInternational Pole Championship in Hong Kong.

    In 2012, Matty & Shimmy won the Australian Pole Fitness Championships in the doubles division, andthe Australian Pole Championships in the doubles/group division.

    Disabled Finalists (back to top)

  • Eri Kamimoto: JAPAN (back to top)

    Eri KamimotoBio: I am a hearing-impaired person. Uniting with music is difficult for me.

    I began to think that the pole dancing can carry out self-expression.

    I am doing pole dancing and am the 6th year.

    In order to polish self-expression, the acrobat and the contemporary dance are carrying out.

  • Deb Roach: AUSTRALIA (back to top)

    Deb RoachBio: Why would a girl with one arm want to pole dance? Why not?

    I’ve always been drawn to doing the hard thing. I have always loved dancing but as a child and teen with low self esteem I believed that aesthetic
    and athletic pursuits were not for me, not for my “different” body. Luckily as an adult, I learned to challenge my assumptions.

    My friends Susie Q and Missy encouraged me to try pole dancing. Susie was convinced that I’d be able to do something and coaxed me to come into the studio to play.

    18 months later, thanks to Missy’s unending support, I won an amateur pole dancing title.

    My entire world view changed. Some things might seem difficult, but NOTHING is impossible.


  • Joanna Littlewood-Johnson: AUSTRALIA (back to top)

    oanna Littlewood-JohnsonBio: Dance has always been Joanna’s passion.

    She was the first enrollment in her mother’s ballet school almost 40 years ago and went on to complete a Diploma in Dance at the WA Academy of Performing Arts. She has studied classical, contemporary, jazz, tap and Spanish dance, performed with the WA Ballet Company and professional dance and musical theatre around Australia.

    She is now a mother with two very active boys and is a Professional Pilates practitioner with her own Pilates studio.
    Joanna loves the challenge, strength and creativity of pole dancing and is thrilled she still has the opportunity to perform and be able to share her love of dance and pole.

    Joanna’s Titles Include
    • 2nd Runner Up Australian Pole Championships 2012
    • Grand Finalist (Top 10) World Pole Sports Championships, London, 2012
    • 2nd Place Australian Pole Fitness Championships 2012
    • Winner Miss Pole Dance Western Australia 2011
    • 2nd runner up Miss Pole Dance Western Australia 2010
  • Joanna Derybowska: POLAND (back to top)

    Joanna DerybowskaBio: Joanna Derybowska started her dance career in the Ballet School in Warsaw by achieving a diploma of a professional dancer. Her disciplines are jazz ,classical hip-hop, and duet performing.

    Joanna has taken part in many dance ventures both in Poland and abroad,such as numerous trips with the Ballet Team Sabat to France (Paris) and Italy, where she represented Poland in international competitions.

    While abroad, Joanna came across Pole Dance, and has been practising this discipline for three years.

    Nowadays Joanna is an owner and an instructor of a pole dance studio in Warsaw, and her goal is to promote this particular kind of dance as a new form of fitness among society. She would like to get it out of the widespread ʻgo-go boxʼ and present it as an art and sport, positively influencing a physical condition and psyche not only among women, but also among men.

    Joanna is the winner of Polish Pole Dance Championship 2012 and Vice Miss European Pole Sport Championship Italy 2012

  • Greta Pontarelli: USA (back to top)

    Greta PontarelliBio:Greta Pontarelli is 62 and a former nationally competitive gymnast and martial artist who discovered pole in 2010 when looking for a form of fitness that would ward off osteoporosis. She is featured in the Age of Happiness Project and is the oldest person to compete on America Ninja Warriors.

    Since 1997, Greta has had an international life coaching business that helps empower others create the life that they would love to live.

    She shares that there are real challenges as a pole artist at her age, but is immensely grateful for all of the amazing polers who inspired her to be a competitor in this industry asa "senior citizen".

    She is one of the presidents of the International Masters of Vertical Arts whose mission is to promote longevity in our art form and to inspire others to not let age to keep them from living their dreams!

    Her motto – Your attitude determines your altitude! Carpe Diem!

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